ideas.  words.  create results.


My purpose is not merely to articulate your vision or message with words, but to ensure, that whatever is written, will be read. 

Simple really.

This is my special word mojo; the ability to translate your idea into words which will help create the results you are seeking.  Name the subject and I will write copy which will get read.  I have written on an incredible range of diverse subjects ranging boxing to make-up, auto accessories to security guarding, and from war and the politics of. I have an unlimited curiosity and a love of intellectual word challenges. Know your ‘keywords’ for online content and I will construct compelling copy on and around your ‘keywords’.  My word mojo is so effective that all your commercial writing needs are covered.

You want it; I will write it. Mission statements, corporate biographies, annual reports, technical manuals, inter-company memos, policy papers, user guidelines, fact sheets, white papers, catalogs, speeches and website content. I can do it all - on demand and deliver it - on time.  Every time.

And if you need a little mojo beyond your commercial writing needs – I can do that too. I can even create an online dating profile which will help you get noticed.  I cannot promise you will find the ‘one’, but I can promise you that your profile will be "word" eye candy.