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The Process

The Narrative

Time is but the Thief of Memory,

and so,
I have learned to capture Time and weave it to my words.

The first step is to contact Brazen Word to discuss the scope of your legacy project.  Call or email – your choice. Brazen Word is based out of Toronto, Canada, and with advent of modern technology; distance is no longer a determining factor.

After our initial discussion, a written proposal as well as a fee schedule will be prepared and submitted to you.  If the terms are mutually agreeable, a written writing contract and a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

The word ‘Story’ can be used as a synonym of the word Narrative. 'Narrative' comes from the Latin verb ‘narrare’, ‘to tell’ and is commonly modified by the Latin adjective ‘gnarus ‘ which implies a ‘skilled knowing’.

​Brazen Word's Mission is to render your own personal, family or communal narrative into a coherent skilled story to leave as a record and legacy for your children, grandchildren and other extended family members - or even for your community. A compelling narrative can also aid in the psychological process of developing a positive sense of self and/or community identity.

​It is my belief that every life has an intrinsic value with a message or meaning of relevance for those who come after us. It is my desire to make memoir writing accessible to those not-so-famous or notorious individuals. While you can track and chart your family tree, what you cannot do is, make your family tree blossom on the bare bones of statistical information.

​For a very reasonable fee, Brazen Word will professionally craft your memoir, community or organization’s history in a written format in order to breathe life into your family tree. After the memoir is written, for a small additional fee I can also aid in having the memoir bound in either soft and/or hard cover  or even help format your narrative into an e-book format.